Throughout life, the need arises for extra funds. Whether it is for a home, vehicle, college, bills, special needs or even emergencies, rest assured that our officers will look beyond the numbers at your entire situation in order to best help you secure a loan.

The CT State Police Credit Union has helped thousands of members like you for over fifty years.  We offer a variety of loans including fixed rates, various terms and policies in order to provide you with a loan that meets your needs.

To personalize your experience and meet your busy schedule we offer several ways to apply for a loan.

  • Call and speak to a loan representative
  • Visit one of our locations
  • Mail your application

Risk Based Lending

Risk Based Lending provides members with average to less than average credit ratings a better opportunity to qualify for loans that they may not have been eligible for in the past. It also provides better rates to borrowers with excellent credit history. A range of rates are used to determine which applies to your qualification based on credit scores, as well as the type and term of the loan.

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