Electronic Services

Debit Cards

This is the all-in-one card: use it to make purchases, make financial transactions and withdraw cash.

  • No fees for purchases anywhere you see the VISA® symbol
  • Only fifty-cents per ATM withdrawal charged by the credit union
  • Check accounts balances, make payments and transfers, withdraw cash at any ATM
  • ATM/Debit Card transactions clear on an interest bearing Share Draft Account
  • No annual fee

Your ATM card is all good at the Allpoint network, America’s largest surcharge-free ATM network with over 32,000 locations. To locate a participating ATM visit: www.allpointnetwork.com

To apply for your share draft account and Debit card, simply click here for secured contact form.

Direct Deposit

Have your paycheck automatically deposited into a designated credit union account.

  • Eliminate time going to the credit union to cash or deposit your check
  • Get quicker access to your money

Payroll Deduction/Net Check

  • You can choose to have a portion of your pay allocated to the credit union as a deposit into Savings, Checking or a payment on a Credit Union loan.
  • For more information click here to contact Member Services

Free Notary Public Services

  • When an official document needs to be notarized (confirming signatures), members can take advantage of our Notary Public service at the credit union office.
  • There is no charge to members for this service.

For more information click here to contact Member Services.

Other Services

  • Legal Service Plan
  • Electronic Funds Transfers
  • Wire Transfers
  • Credit Disability Insurance on Loans
  • Family Membership