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Fee Schedule

Effective February 1, 2019

ATM/Debit Card
Point of Sale N/C
Nonproprietary ATM Cash Withdrawal or Inquiry Fee FREE
ATM Replacement Card $5.00/ea
Copies (research fees my apply)
IRS Reporting Forms $2.00/ea
Bank Check $2.00/ea
Share Draft $2.00/ea
Statement $2.00/per page
International Debit or Credit Card Transaction Fee
VISA will impose a 1.0% fee on international transactions when a currency conversion occurs and a 0.08% fee on foreign transactions where a currency conversion is not preformed.
Returned Item (NSF)
NSF or Overdraft $25.00/ea
Deposited item $15.00/ea
Share / Loan Draft or ACH Special Handling Transfer Fee $5.00/ea
Stop Payments
Corporate Check $20.00/ea
Member Check $15.00/ea.
No charge for lost, stolen or blank drafts N/C
Uncollected Funds $15.00/ea
Wire Transfer
Domestic $25.00/ea
Non Domestic (transfer may take several days depending on country & routing network) $50.00/ea
Miscellaneous Fees
Account Reconcilement ($10.00 minimum) $25.00/ hour
Postage and Mailing Supplies Actual Cost
Research Fees ($10.00 minimum) $25.00/hour
Escheatment Fee $25.00
Bank Check Fee $1.00
Bad Address Fee $2.00
Early Account Closure Fee $5.00
Bank Garnishment Fee $25.00
Inactive Account Fee $1.00 (after 6 mos)
Paper Statement Fee $1.00/month
IRA Transfer Fee $25.00