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Credit Sense

Your Credit Score and More

Anytime, Anywhere With Credit Sense

Staying on top of your credit has never been easier.

With one powerful tool, you can access you credit score, full credit report, credit monitoring, financial tips and more. All of this without impacting your credit score.

Credit Sense is accessible through SPCU’s Online Banking and the new StatePoliceCU mobile app.

Benefits of Credit Sense:

  • Daily Access to your credit score
  • Real-Time Credit Monitoring Alerts
  • Credit Score Simulator
  • Personalized Credit Report
  • Special Credit Offers
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Is there a fee?

No. It’s entirely free and no credit card information is required to register.

How often does my credit score get updated?

If you regularly access Online Banking, your credit score will be updated every 7 days. You can also refresh your credit score and full report every 24 hours by clicking “Refresh Score’ and navigating to the detailed Credit Score Dashboard within Online Banking.

What if the information provided by Credit Sense appears to be inaccurate?

Each credit bureau has its process for correcting inaccurate information but every user can file a dispute by clicking on the ‘Dispute’ link within the Credit Sense credit report.

Will enrolling in or accessing Credit Sense ‘ping’ a customer’s credit and potentially lower their credit score?

No. Checking your credit score on Credit Sense is a ‘soft inquiry’ which does not affect your credit score.

How do I enroll?

Click on Credit Sense in Online Banking or the Mobile Banking app to enroll.